Timber harvesting

We purchase timber only from legal suppliers registered in the Unified State Automated Information System of Timber Transactions implemented for control of timber harvesting, timber sales, as well as further forest restoration in the Russian Federation. When accepting raw materials, we carefully select the delivered pine timber by quality.


Depending on the requirements of the customer, either rough pole barking including bark peeling without basting or clean barking including bark and bast peeling is performed.


All logs are numbered and their length, top diameter and diameter in 1.5 meters from the butt end are measured. We hand over the inventory with indicated dimensions of each log from the shipped batch to the customer or the customer himself performs remote selection of poles with required dimensions from those available at our warehouse when placing the order.


Poles are being treated with different preservatives in steam chambers after pre-drying under natural conditions or in kilns. Preservatives and the pole drying method are selected by the customer.


Poles are delivered to customers by motor, rail and sea transport depending on the distance, volume of the supplied batch and requirements of the customer.